Ashton Drake

In the late 1980's, I was asked to work on a ghost project. For those who do not know what a ghost project is, it is where one artist develops an items based on artwork of another artist. In this case, I sculpted dolls based on the paintings of John McClelland's Circus Series. Part of being a ghost artist is that one is not recognized as the artist. In the beginning, that was fine with me as it got my foot in the door. However, when they began advertising that this was John's first doll, I had a fit and spent hours on the phone trying to explain that they were falsely advertising. The first doll in the series was Tommy the Clown and their advertisement should have read that this was the first doll based on John's work. It was only after the four dolls in the series were completed did they come to me with a contract basically to keep me quiet. After contacting my attorney, I did not sign the contract. Based on the original artworks by John McClelland.

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