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When I was first asked if I would consider doing HSN, I hesitated for quite some time. It was a whole different world and I just wasn't sure if I wanted to go that route. Eventually I gave in and it didn't take long to realize I had made a good decision. It wasn't all fun and games. The very first time I was on the show, Pat Kolesar told me later that she thought I was going to throw up just before the camera went on me but I pulled it off like an old pro. Tina and I got in trouble all the time, mainly because we would get really silly. We still laugh about the time I smacked her hand and told her to quit screwing the the dolls hair. Tina and I still talk several times a year and always have a great time when we get together. Manufactured Dolls available only on HSN. Most pictures are of my original prototype sample and may differ from the production doll.

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